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Our "Full Immersion" Program

Our Full Immersion training is the most highly sought after program! Your dog will be immersed into this advanced program by living in-home with our head trainer learning all the tricks of the trade, going on field trips, and still maintaining that home like environment! This program is the quickest way to achieve the obedience you are looking for with the greatest results long term. If you want your dog to achieve their best potential this is the program for you!

Our "Private Lessons" Program

As long as you are in our geographical area, all of our private tutoring lessons will start off at your home! This program is great for those who want to learn how to train their dog and just need some guidance from the trainer. The trainer will meet with you approximately once a week to go over your homework and give you time to practice. Your dog will learn everything in home before being released to group class.

Our "Group Class" Program


This is where your skills will be tested! Group class begins following the initial program to increase the distractions around your dog so they can function in real life situations. We want your dog to listen regardless of the distraction around them, which is why we include group classes with all of our programs. Our group classes are typically held at local parks, restaurants, and businesses on Saturday mornings. *Family must complete Full Immersion or Private Tutoring Lessons before being invited to attend group class*

Our "Puppy Kindergarten" Program

Calling all puppies!! Congratulations on your newest family member! Puppies are the best but can sometimes be a little overwhelming. Especially if you are new to puppy owning or haven’t have one in awhile. We are dedicated to the puppies coming through our training program and want our families to feel supported beyond “puppyhood.” Any puppies between the age of 8 weeks – 4.5 months old can attend our puppy program. This class can help you learn how to be a better puppy parent, teaching basic obedience, and socialization which is critical time in a puppy’s life. Our Puppy Preschool program comes with 2 private lessons to discuss ALL things puppy! Once your puppy has obtained all required vaccines, we begin Full Immersion training to continue their education into real world distractions and onward to off leash obedience! Please read over the “Full Immersion” section above.

Puppy Training in Tampa

Our "Boarding" Program

dog boarding in Tampa

We know that boarding your dog at a facility can sometimes be stressful. A perk of being a client of ours, we offer boarding at our head trainer’s residence. Since we only take a small amount of dogs in our care at any given time, our boarding option is personalized for your dog by being able to spend time with the trainer at her home and not at a facility. Space is limited, so planing ahead is recommended! If you are a current client please call the office for boarding requests.

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